Matriarch 360° Mining Projects

Mission & Vision

Matriarch 360° Mining Projects aspires to be a leading South African and SADC Region integrated mining producer, which operates underground mines and open pit mines as well as metallurgical plants. In our Mining Projects, we expect to generate significant operations and good financial synergies.

• We are committed to the socio-economic development of South Africa and in the SADC Region.
• We need to acquire and construct our operations which have rich mineral resources in the areas of South Africa and SADC Region through required legislative entities.
• In these communities surrounding our operations, we have to place integral sustainable development.
• We seek to provide employment as well as develop local enterprise.
• We also need to be listed on the international stock exchanges, starting from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Health & Safety

Our number one priority is "health and safety for All". We are committed to operate ethically in that regard. All our employees are systematically trained to minimise risks at the workplace, while ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.

• The principle of doing periodical audits, both internal and external, need to be conducted at regular intervals to ensure that all safety measures are being followed.
• We have to subscribe or have associations and acquire memberships with relevant councils pertaining Occupational Health and Safety.
• Occupational Health & Safety Certification is also a top of agenda requirement.

Environmental Protection

We intend to do, as part of our environmental protection programs to use equipment that causes minimal pollution and contamination. We also need to stress the importance of water conservation and conduct awareness programmes in the local community in this area to support environmental stewardship. We will initiate programmes to promote re-forestation and better agricultural practices among the communities around our operations.

Social Responsibility

Matriarch 360 Degrees Mining Projects specifically undertakes significant social responsibilities in the mines, including the development of hospitals, schools and other social programmes. We need to expand to ensure effective and maximum outreach.

The four key areas for social development cover:
• Health, in a form of building of clinics and sourcing doctors for communities
• Education to children with dire need (from primary through tertiary)
• Sustainable livelihoods for the communities around our mines (e.g. Agriculture and food security)
• Sports development (from start to end i.e provision of sports attire etc.)